Wanbang School


World Scholar's Cup: Champion Team 1st and 2nd place

Manager     2023-12-06

The World Scholar's Cup (WSC) is an academic competition targeted at primary and middle school students, which features an incorporation of academic and social elements. It annually attracts more than 15000 participants from all over the world. Through taking part in four academic events including Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar's Challenge and Scholar's Bowl, participants compete with peer scholars in terms of the ability to memorize, understand and apply subject knowledge, the ability of persuasion and the ability to work with others. 6 students from 8th to 9th grades participated in the Qingdao regional round and placed 1st and 2nd, qualifying them to the global round next year.

[Team Awards]
 Champion Team Trophy (1st, 2nd place) 
 Team Writing Trophy (1st, 2nd place) 
 Team Challenge Trophy (2nd place) 
 Team Bowl Trophy (1st, 3rd place)
 Team Debate Gold *2

[Individual Awards]
 Jac Khor Award (highest overall scoring scholar)
 Debate Gold *5, Silver *1 
 Writing Gold *5, Silver *1
 Challenge Gold *2, Silver *1
 Champion Scholar *3