Wanbang School


The European Economics Olympiad 2023 National Round

Manager     2023-09-08

Five students from Harbin Wanbang School passed the preliminary round of the European Economics Olympiad (EEO) 2023, which was attended by over 180 international schools in China. The five students participated in the EEO National Round, which was held in Shanghai, China from July 28 to August 1.

By applying the knowledge they learned in AP Economics class to oral presentations, solving multiple-choice questions, and Econ MUN, they were able to learn economic thinking and perspectives. They won several awards at the national round, including a Team Bronze Medal!

Bronze Award *1  (Group session and Individual session)
Best EU Village Team *1 (Top 4 booths at the MEU Village)
Best Delegate Team *1  (Top 4 of MEU team points) 
Spotlight Award *2 (Winner of individual session)
Young Economist Award *3 (Top 30% of Economics Challenge)
Critical Communication Award *2 (Top 30% of each room)