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NEC China Preliminary 2023

Manager     2023-03-08

NEC China Preliminary 2023
The National Economics Challenge (NEC) is one of the most competitive economics competitions for high school students in the US. 
6 teams from Wanbang School participated in the preliminary round held in December last semester, and 4 teams achieved excellent results, ranking within the top 20% of the total participants and qualifying for the NEC China 2023 Final in early April. It was a great opportunity for students to learn about economics and to develop their problem-solving and analytical skills.

National Top Scoring Individual Awards - 2 Silver Awards, 3 Bronze Awards
Regional Overall Team - 2 Bronze Awards 
Regional Top Scoring Team Award - 1 in International Economics, 2 in Macroeconomics
Regional Individual Distinction Award - 3 in International Economics, 4 in Macroeconomics, 1 in Microeconomics
Top Rookie Team Award - 1 team
Top Rookie Individual Award - 2 teams
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