Wanbang School


2020 SIN Physics Contest Results

Manager     2020-07-14

The SIN (Sir Isaac Newton) Physics Contest is an international physics competition organized by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Waterloo (Canada) renown for their engineering, computer science, math and architecture programs. SIN Physics Contest began in 1969 and is now a large international competition with participation from more than 300 high schools from Canada and 280 international schools from abroad. The contest requires a thorough understanding of physics, a high level of creativity, and problem-solving skills to solve questions presented through real-world models.

For the May 10th competition, three students from Harbin Wanbang School competed and were awarded for their efforts. Throughout the preparation process, students were able to develop further interest in physics and the experience also gave students the opportunity to feel a sense of achievement by utilizing what they have learned. We hope that students will continue to challenge themselves in other areas as well. 


Silver (National Award) 1 Student
Bronze (National Award) 1 Student
Honorable Award (Regional) 1 Student