Wanbang School


Beomhyeok Lee - Keynote Speech at 2017 Future Business Leaders Summit
Wanbang student, Beomhyeok Lee delivered the keynote speech at the 2017 International Future Business Leaders Summit. 

Speech Transcript:
Do you know how to shoot an arrow? Do you know how to shoot the bull’s eye? When we try to shoot the center of the target, actually we aim higher than that. If we aim at the exact same level as the target we want to hit, it will probably miss. We should aim higher than the target, for our arrows travel a long distance. Success is the same. If we aim for success, we shall miss. However, if we set our goal higher than success, we will achieve success, in addition to achieving our higher vision.

At this moment, students from all different places have assembled here for success. We gathered here to challenge ourselves to achieve success. We came here to design and visualize our goals to achieve success in the future. We are here to have valuable experiences, to train ourselves to prepare bigger for success throughout our lives. Success is the reason we compete with each other here and our daily life in school, at a company, and in society.
But in this moment, I am standing here to tell you that success is not our final destination; it is only a step during our life. Success is an excellent achievement to accomplish, yet success is not an end to our road. We should aim higher.
Before I finish, I want to share a story of one scientist who put all his effort for the higher goal—Jonas Edward Salk. In middle of 20th century, a disease named Polio tormented children throughout the world, paralyzing their legs and arms permanently. Jonas Salk started his research on Polio right after his graduation from college. He worked for days and nights with all his knowledge, patience, and effort for 14 years, and finally made a vaccine for polio. Polio was prevalent throughout the world that time, so if Salk patented his vaccine and sold it for profit, he would have accumulated a large amount of money, and become a successful person. However, he didn’t patent his vaccine. He just made his vaccine manufacturing process public. And when people asked him the reason, he said: People own the patent, so I will not make a patent for this vaccine; in the same way, nobody patents the sun.
Ladies and gentlemen, what goals we are aiming for now? Where do we want to put all our valuable talents, efforts, and time? What are the true purposes we want to achieve throughout our lives? Although we came here for profit and we should work towards profits in our future, I hope we will not forget what is truly valuable because of the success we are wanting to achieve.
Throughout this great opportunity, I hope we challenge ourselves, build up good friendships with each other, and find out our true goals throughout this competition. Thank you!