Wanbang School


2019 NFL China U-19

The National Football League (NFL) China U-19 is an official competition recognized by the American Football Association, with more than 200 teams from all over China participating in the event. The champions from the regional rounds (east, west, south and north) faced each other for the the final championship, which took place in Shanghai.

The students of the Wanbang Football Club (WB Rams) having performed well in competitions held at both Harbin and Beijing, participated in the championship round as the Northern Champions. Facing off against the Eastern Champions, Barstow School - Ningbo Campus, our students struggled with anxiety and poor performance, but ultimately were triumphant with the final score of 20 to 12. With the win, the Wanbang Rams became the National Champions for the 2019 NFL China U-19 division.