Wanbang School


Instead of a school that simply helps students acquire knowledge, we are a ‘Powernasium’,
which means a place where various powers are nurtured.

You cannot become a talented person only by studying well.
You become a real talent, when you have a variety of abilities
and can exert a good influence on others.
Wanbang trains students to develop the following seven powers.

Network Power - interpersonal relationships, sociability, and the power to embrace different cultures
Children feel happy when relationships such as teacher-student relationships, friendships, and parent-child relationships are well established. With healthy relationships, students can have a happy family, school, and social life.

Mental Power - the power to break through difficulties or obstacles with a positive and challenging mindset
If you look at successful people, you can see that they succeeded not with their qualifications, but with their mental power. The foundation of mental power is the ability to think positively.

Brain Power - the power to learn wisely and improve concentration and creativity
Beyond memorization focused learning, the power to think, express oneself, and think critically and creatively need to be developed.

Moral Power - proper character development including honesty, and the altruistic power to take care of our neighbors
In a future society that values not only achievement but also the process, we need to improve our moral ability to become a talented person respected by society. True competitiveness comes from moral power.

Leadership Power - the power of self-management that translates into service towards our community and society
Children living in the 21st century must now have a multicultural global perspective and servant leadership. From self-leadership to leadership that benefits the community, we must eventually grow into a global leader that influences our society, country, and the world.

Body Power - the power to transform physical stamina into mental power by maintaining a healthy diet and workout routine
What you eat and how you exercise also has a huge impact on your emotions and your brain. If you like junk food, your life becomes a 'junk life'. If you do not like to exercise, you cannot dream of a productive life. If you look at world leaders, they have strong body power.

Spiritual Power - insight into life and death alongside a sense of dutiful mission
When you look at life as a whole, not only on material things, and try to live a valuable and meaningful life, you can truly live like a decent human being.